Office 365

Microsoft Intune (Windows 10)

In this course, we will review the following topics:

• Configure Active Directory Synchronization for Devices.
• Configure Auto-Enrollment for Windows 10
• Manage Devices in Microsoft Intune.
• Create a Device Compliance Policy.
• Create a Device Configuration Profile.
• Deploy Microsoft 3 65 Apps for Enterprise with Intune.
• Deploy a Windows Win32 App.
• Create a Windows Auto Pilot Profile
• Configure Windows Update for Business.

Students are expected to have a foundation in the following Technologies:

Windows 10
Windows 2012 Server or newer
Active Directory Services
The Office 365 Admin Center
Windows PowerShell
Microsoft Exchange 2010 or newer
Domain Name Service (DNS) less

  • Microsoft Intune Course Videos
  • Microsoft Intune Course Exercise
  • Microsoft Intune Course Quiz
  • Course Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed